Gourmet Fournet Creole Onion Dips 6

How many of us remember helping Grandma in the kitchen and her handing you a spatula to lick when she was finished? Well MY favorite memory of my great grandmother growing up in Lafitte, LA is her handing me the spatula and getting to lick the rest of her famous Creole Onion dip off of it! Rich, creamy, and bursting with the flavor of fresh onions with hints of garlic and black pepper, this recipe has been passed down through the generations and I’m still asked to bring it to parties today!

Gourmet Fournet Creole Onion Dips are not only fresh, all natural and gluten free, but they are a quick and easy addition to any recipe. Our favorite part is when our Happy Dippers send us their own recipes! This has been our family tradition for over 3 generations and we’re excited to share it with you!

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